MUSIC KIT: Open World Projects Music Kit

MUSIC KIT: Open World Projects Music Kit

This is a construction music kit for a corporate motivational track featuring steady rhythms, nice melodies, guitar riffs and an overall corporate inspirational business mood. It is very soothing with a clean guitar riff with high delays and a relaxing sound, that will motivate and boost industriousness across the board for any type of content.
This music kit made up of individual song sections and besides an endings and transitions folder it includes 2 matching sets of audio files:

    One with tails (full natural endings)
    And one without tails (trimmed on the beat)

The “tails” song sections are what provide the seamless transitions and should be used in the final arrangement, while the "no-tails" sections can be used as guides. This is handy for editing software that does not support tempo grids or beat snapping. The demo tracks in the preview were created using parts of the kit.
Have fun making your own arrangements with this MUSIC KIT!
Versions included: 2:07 / 1:07 / 0:36 + construction blocks: 0:02 / 0:01 / 0:03 / 0:04 / 0:06 / 0:07 / 0:08 / 0:15 / 0:16



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