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Hello, I am the guy with the picture of a quill, under the name of AuthorMusic, or AM for short. My goal is to provide you with quality music and stock footage, I hope you enjoy and like what you see and what you hear. 

Blue Sunset

I am music producer. I produce music for games, film and advertisement. I love film and filming myself too. If you need more information, contact me:


Find BlueSunset's portfolios here: audiojungle, videohive

NikoWrightson & FX

NikoWrightson and AuthorMusic Tandem; AuthorMusic's sound effects and sound design department. NikoWrightson also offer plenty of extraordinary stock footage.


Find NikoWrightson's portfolios here: audiojungle, videohive, pond5, productiontrax, motionarray



Kimatik and MSVoy tandem. The food department. 

Find Kimatik's portfolios here: pond5, dreamstimeproductiontrax


Hello and Welcome to our profile page!
MSVoy – Music, footage, sound effects, logos and packs for every need. 


Red Carpet Room


Red Carpet Room is the music project driven by the Barcelona-based young aspiring composer and music production enthusiast Niko / Kishasha. 

After finishing his university degree, he decided to get a creative space of his own. The room he rented, which used to belong to an African family, did not have anything in it except a mesmerizing red carpet. This coined the name: “Red Carpet Room”.

Find Red Carpet Room's information here: facebook, twitter, soundcloud, bandcamp, spotify, youtube, instagrampress kit